CCM provides a wide range of services to K-12 and Community College Districts, regardless of size or complexity, including Programming, Program Management, Construction Management, Project Management/Staff Augmentation, and Division of State Architect (DSA) certification. Our firm is currently serving as the Program Manager and Construction Manager for multiple Districts in California. Current and completed assignments include:

Bond Programs

Walters Middle School | Fremont Unified School District

$40.8M new 21st century, learning facility. Performed construction management services for the modernization and new construction . 22 new classrooms to accommodate 600 students, increasing student capacity to 1460. Construction completed 2020. Design-Bid-Build Delivery.

Walters 4

Irvington High School | Fremont Unified School District

$9.4M new 21st century, learning facility. Performed construction management, utilizing “Project Frog” componentized structural system. One new building consisting of eight math classrooms and four science lab classrooms, CHPS Certified. Construction 2015-2016. Design Build Delivery.


District Wide Improvements | Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Scope: Measure BB Bond Program ($298 million) – Modernization, new construction, and technology upgrades on 11 campuses district-wide. Full Construction Management Services with both Entitlement Lease-Leaseback Purchasing Method and Multi-Prime Delivery Method. We have been working with this district since 1992, and we are currently starting on the ES Bond valued at $498 mil.

Constructability Review Comments: Not available | Addenda: Not available | Construction Cost: Not available | Key Staff: John McGrew, Program Executive

Yorba Linda High School | Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Districts

Scope: Multi-prime delivery method. Three-phased project. Phase I: new administration, kitchen/cafe building, gymnasium, band building, art building, CR-Science building. Phase II: campus modernization of existing CRs and theater. Phase III: new football stadium.

Constructability Review Comments: Not available | Addenda: 11 | Construction Cost: $166 M, including joint-use park | Budget: $167 M | Project Dates: 10/09 – 01/12 | SF: 128,000 sf (seven buildings) | RFIs: $198,534 | Change Orders: 145 | Key Staff: Keith Cole, Sr. Project Manager; Eric Grier, Project Manager; Joe Walker, Superintendent; Alberto Ortega, Construction Manager

Reference: Rick Guaderrama, Director of Facilities and Planning Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District

Fine & Performing Arts Center, Sports Complex & Tech Bldg. | Palo Verde Community College

Scope: Multi-prime delivery method. 400+ stadium-style seating auditorium with full stage and curtains. Professional grade audio and lighting system. 10,000-ft of fine arts studios-music, art, painting, sculpture

Constructability Review Comments: Not available | Addenda: | Construction Cost: $82 M | Budget: $81.5 M | Project Dates: 05/10 – 07/12 | SF: 78,000 sf (four buildings) | RFIs: 1015 | Change Orders: 200 | Key Staff: Tony Espinoza, Project Executive; Mark Butters, Sr. Project Manager; Nick McGrew, Construction Manager; Mark Nelson, Construction Manager; Jeff Pickard, Superintendent

Reference: Dr. James Hottois, Superintendent/President (ret.) Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District

Experience with infrastructure projects

District-wide E-Rate Technology Upgrades | Oxnard Union High School District

Scope: Multi-prime delivery method. Installation, configuration, and warranty of new network electronics (WAN, LAN, and WLAN) and IPTV/digital signage system. The network system is capable of providing high-speed, highly available, secure and private network access to both OUHSD’s private infrastructure and related carrier services. Assignment entailed four projects.

Constructability Review Comments: None | Addenda: None | Construction Cost: $8.7M | Budget: $8.5M | Project Dates: 06/12 – 12/12 | SF: 360,000 sf (four schools, 40 buildings) | RFIs: 95 | Change Orders: 5 | Key Staff: Terry Zinger, Program Executive; Greg Ochoa, Project Manager

Reference: Steve Dickenson, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services Oxnard Union High School District

Aquatic Center Installation | Oxnard Union High School District – Adolfo Camarillo High School and Hueneme High School

Scope: Full-service management of lease-leaseback delivery. Construction of two new aquatics facilities including an 8556-sf pool, concrete decks, bathhouse/storage/mechanical rooms, walks ramps, and other site improvements. Winner of 2015 Project Achievement Award from CMAA Southern California Chapter for Public Works Less Than $10 Million.

Constructability Review Comments: 300 | Addenda: None | Construction Cost: $7.9M | Budget: $7.8M | SF: 12,000 (two aquatic facilities) | Key Staff: Terry Zinger, Program Executive; Greg Ochoa, Project Manager

Reference: Steve Dickenson, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services Oxnard Union High School District

Experience in interfacing with multiple schools and/or stakeholders in recommending or prioritizing funding and construction

Indian Springs High School Value Engineering | San Bernardino City Unified School District

Scope: Multi-prime delivery method, new construction. Construction of a new high school and modernization of existing junior high buildings to be annexed to the high school.

Constructability Review Comments: 400 | Addenda: 7 | Construction Cost: $47 M | Budget: $46 M | Project Dates: 09/10 – 09/12 | SF: 233,826 sf (12 buildings) | RFIs: Not available | Change Orders: 74 | Key Staff: John McGrew, Project Executive; Mark Nelson, Construction Manager; Keith Cole, Sr. Project Manager; Traci Paraday, PE; Joe Walker, Superintendent

Reference: John Peukert, Assistant Superintendent, San Bernardino City Unified School District

Experience with OPSC, DSA & SAB

Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) – In addition to attending or monitoring key State Allocation Board and Implementation Committee meetings. CCM subscribes to CASH/FAX, OPSC and SAB updates and obtains notice of new developments as soon as they occur. In the course of developing our CM proposal for one District in Southern California for their proposed modernization program, we identified that despite apparent eligibility that would give rise to a $140 million program, the District’s ongoing funding activities were so ill timed and poorly strategized that they would likely result in obtaining less than half of the funding that they were eligible for. We offered expert funding support through our own resources and those of our colleagues, and the District accepted that support. Under CCM’s leadership, all architectural agreements and schedules were restructured, eligibility and funding request filings were accelerated and followed up on in Sacramento, and a rigorous, disciplined process of follow-through was instituted among both district and development team personnel. All OPSC requirements were met, and the district was one of the few that achieved 100% funding of its entire eligibility for all 29 schools and it did so with only 4 days to spare before OPSC modernization funding was exhausted.

Division of State Architect (DSA) – Throughout most of our past and present programs, CCM has been welcomed as a member of the team that ensures good relations and timely compliance with Division of the State Architect requirements, both during design and plan check phases and during construction and closeout. Close monitoring and correction, where necessary, of DSA documentation requirements from the start of construction through construction change documents, compliance and inspection requirements, is an integral and very important aspect of the construction management process with CCM, especially in light of streamlined procedures by DSA. CCM employs a team of close-out specialists whose sole focus is on this very important task. This team, led by Danica Wood, not only ensures the timely certification of projects that CCM manages, but also routinely works with other Construction Management firms, General Contractors, and Architects to achieve certification on projects that CCM is not otherwise involved in. The basic steps CCM takes to achieve certification of older projects include:

  • Determine number of District projects that are closed without certification;
  • Meet with District to prioritize projects; identify issues preventing certification;
  • Meet with AOR; search District Files; contact Testing Lab for missing reports;
  • Request files from DSA;
  • Develop and implement a Resolution Plan with AOR, IOR, Testing Lab, and others;
  • Collect and organize final documents;
  • Request re-examining fee from District; submit documents to DSA;
  • Follow up and follow through with all parties until certification is achieved.
Experience with OPSC

State Allocation Board – We have assisted Districts in preparing for determining the allocation of bond and other state money for their new building program and modernizing their school facilities. We have assisted Districts in preparing for appeals, and gaining an understanding of the adoption of new policies and regulations.

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